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Some days are just blah and thats ok

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

I've been in a funk for several days. And it's always a question of what came first?… Am I in a funk because my honey said some thing that hurt my feelings? Or did what he said hurt my feelings because I was in a funk ?? Am I in a funk because the weather has been so overcast and the sunshine so fleeting? Or is that just exacerbating my funk? In this funk I seek inspiration wherever I can find it! Doom scrolling is awfully tempting-and time consuming. But unfortunately, instead of inspiring me, it was bringing me down. And the realization that came to me was that I was taking on the burden of everyone else's dreams. I was feeling the weight of not accomplishing what they were inspired to do! Fortunately, I was able to catch myself and remind myself that I don't need to take on other peoples dreams, I can find inspiration in my own ! The funk tried to trap me, but I'm onto it's schemes ha ha! ... so… Whether we blame it on the weather, on the people around us, or what we ate, lol… It's OK to just allow the day to be a little blah. Because you know what? ...that won't last forever! And you still got amazingness in you that's just waiting to come back :-)

And here's the poem inspired by all this: (yes! I actually even found inspiration in the funk!)


caught up

caught up in every one else’s dreams.

your farm

your cabinet

your outfit

your home

your resale

your great find

your lost dog

your roam

your tiny painting

your tiny house

your large muscles

your miraculous spouse

your homesteading

your money making

your ADHD

your vegan eating

none of these things

will make ME free

none of your dreams

we’re made for ME

the only way to find

a dream of MY kind

is to gift my time

into the wonders of MY mind

instead of depositing my wealth

of energy and health

into pining over

tickets already redeemed

raffles already won

I can reach for the sun

I can dance with the moon

I can kiss a million faces

I can celebrate Christmas in June

I can bring color to the masses

in ways so far unforeseen

I can juggle rainbow glasses

and cause a pulchritudinous scene

(it’s a great word! Look it up!)

I can grow old however I want

I can act young if I please

I can be idiot or savant

I can eradicate dirt in my kitchen

or play in it on my knees

I can nurture my garden

or someone else’s needs

I can do it all because

I can do it all in spite

I can make my dreams my own

No one can say they are wrong or right

so keep your dreams

Enjoy them mightily

While I cheer you on

I’ll trust my own dreams

to get along splendidly!

~buffy jo 5/30/23

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