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Not all of us need to be on stage, or even want to be on stage. But all of us NEED to keep dancing. In the shower. In the kitchen while cleaning. In the back yard, maybe avoiding yardwork lol. Rhythmic movement is good for your soul.

Now being on stage? THAT is a whole 'nother package! Being on stage CHALLENGES my soul! Being on stage let's me go up against that fight or flight and have the strength that comes from living to tell the story!

That being said, I'm creating another story to tell THIS Saturday, June 24, 7 PM, at Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara! I'll be wearing that cool sparkly jacket and fake eyelashes lol 😂

I've ALWAYS loved dancing. I was talking dancing in college, working toward a theatrical future, when I got into a major car accident. I was side-swiped by a drunk driver. I could hardly move without pain, let alone dance, for a good year. I still couldn't move enough to dance after that, soooo... my life shifted. And I put DANCE on my bucket list.

Well, I finally got to that item on my list a couple years back! I started taking Tap dance again! It has been terrifying and exhilarating. It has pushed all my buttons of fear, and shame, and pride and joy. It is helping me grow... It is keeping my body moving. So it's great to have friends in the audience, not just to see a Dance, but rather to see healing and growth in motion! Maybe I'll see you there, but either way: make sure you're dancing!



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